February 22, 2019

Candidates Running for Business Development Director

Lemuel Satamkar – Running for Business Development Director

I won’t talk about my years of experience and professional background, I need to honour the word limit and your time; plus my thriftiness (more on that later) begs me to keep this as short as possible.

With regards to my past experience, I feel that the one factoid that can support my candidacy is my last employment prior to Schulich where I led Sales Operations for a tech startup. No, we were not those fancy silicon valley types – we had set shop in a small space with a few employees and an idea. 12 months later we signed contracts with some of India’s biggest corporates and multinationals including McDonalds and 5àsec to name a few.

Now if I could close deals with these sought after brands on behalf of a new company, then imagine what we could achieve if I used my ability to build relations with sponsors on behalf of Canada’s premier business school.

Of course, skills alone cannot win your votes. I’m sure there are others who would share my skill of ‘building relations’. But the reason I am contesting for this portfolio is that I have a vested interest in this. Matter of fact is, like most of us, I too have a debt to pay by the end of this journey and every dollar counts.

Coming back to my thriftiness, I understand the problems faced by the student body with regards to paying for tickets at Schulich events. Given the chance, I pledge to ensure that we try and reduce these ticket prices through contributions from sponsorships. I will do everything in my power and to the best of my ability in order to realize this pledge.

A Degree Comes with a Price. Experiences are #PriceLess.

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