February 13, 2019

Candidates Running for Customer Insights Director

Vignesh Sathyamoorthy – Running for Customer Insights Director

I’m Vignesh Sathyamoorthy, and I am running for the Customer Insight Director position at the Graduate Business Council. I believe my past experience, specifically my experience in this school and in the President’s Committee of the GBC, puts me in a unique position that makes me the best fit for this role. Why, you ask?

Well, I was a part of the team responsible for restructuring the GBC and played a key role in designing the role of the Customer Insight Director. I have a thorough understanding of what the role entails, and all the nuances that come with it. One might think the Customer Insight Director’s role is to just gather opinions and run the data, and they wouldn’t be wrong, but it goes beyond just that – it’s also to understand and find new ways that the GBC can engage with the student body.

Much of the restructuring that was done was based on data gathered from student surveys and understanding students’ expectations of the GBC – the analysis and reporting of which was done by me and one other person. My analysis of the data also gave me insight into what the student body requires of the GBC, and the areas where the GBC can get better, which gives me a head start in this role.

I think the GBC can gather information and feedback more effectively, and I have ideas on how that can be achieved. I want to specifically understand the needs of one-year Master students, which I plan to do by having conversations with the present cohort to ensure the GBC understands their needs which are different from MBA Students.

Student participation in surveys is a challenge, and I want to setup a rewards system for students participating that will drive student engagement in both the surveys and at GBC events. I have a lot more ideas, but I’m interested in listening to your ideas every step of the way and working hard to implement them. I’m all ears for all my peers.


Kunal Anand – Running for Customer Insights Director

My name is Kunal Anand and I have recently joined the MBA program at Schulich. I’m an ‘Innovation’ enthusiast and a ‘Design Thinking’ professional and my work has taught me – how to deploy empathy and solve business problems. And I think it’s the key for any role on the GBC executive council – to put myself into another student’s shoes and empathize with their frustrations and understand the causes.

The ‘Director – Customer Insights’ position must embody this core belief to enrich the Schulich students’ experience. As a winter cohort student, the biggest challenge that I have faced in this last month is the discrepancy of the information flow amongst students. Our schedules are so busy that many-a-times we miss out on important events, seminars, submissions and competitions. In dire situations, we often have to make trade-offs on what is more important. Many students register for various workshops on the CDC but the turnout is often less. Currently, we share information through Facebook, WhatsApp and many other avenues. However, reaching out to the masses remains a severe pain-point. The Facebook group for MBA 2020 that I have been a part of has just 283 members and the WhatsApp groups galore! Club-executives, the case-comp groups and all students often face this challenge while promoting their events, videos and links. ‘How might we solve this problem?’ – That is the first question that I would like to address as your Customer Insights Director. Now, imagine one platform that connects us all and addresses all these issues to make student lives easier.