February 13, 2019

Candidates Running for Marketing Director

Nakshita Arora – Running for Marketing Director

When I joined Schulich, any concerns I had about what was in store for me when I commenced my MBA here were immediately dispersed when I had the chance to witness and interact with the GBC. It was a community that worked towards bringing students together. I instantly felt at home.

Hi, my name is Nakshita Arora. I am running for Director of Marketing on the Graduate Business Council 2019-2020. The GBC is what Schulich is about: diversity, experience, and performance. I joined the GBC as a representative on the Communications Portfolio and became part of a family that worked towards making every Schulich student’s experience more enriching. This year the Communication portfolio is metamorphosing into Marketing. I believe I have the ability to carry this responsibility. For me, for you and for us. With a degree in mass media and a post-graduate in Public Relations, I understand the core duties and will help build the foundation.

As the Director of Marketing, I will organise the current channels of communications to ensure every student is informed and engaged. The GBC needs to work towards rebranding all its initiatives so that each initiative can establish a connection with all the students and encourage them to participate. Our aim is adding value outside the classroom in terms of networking and building a personal brand. I will achieve this through synergizing with the other portfolios, surveying the graduate student body, building the right strategy, and promoting the initiatives effectively. My goal is to add value to the GBC and its activities so it can elevate every Schulich student’s experience just the way it did mine.

The GBC is about you, let’s market that. Together!


Gaurav Dharmani – Running for Marketing Director

Far far away, in Mumbai, Gaurav built his legacy that got him the ticket to Toronto to join the forces of Schulich where the battle fire echoes with grades, competitions, internships and jobs. Today he asks his fellow troops to think about what they want to be remembered as? Warn torn heroes or the Heroes made by their scars? Implored by the idea that narrative is set by storytelling for brands and people alike, Gaurav is all set to venture into Media & Marketing world, starting off with home turf, the GBC of Schulich School of Business.

But what has enabled this cadet to survive his battle scars? A Bachelor in Advertising emboldened him to venture in filmmaking where he earned his gallantry awards. Possessed with the sacred knowledge of storytelling, camera and edit, he has enabled agencies and companies to portray their thoughts and capture the souls of their audience. It is not only what you think of Schulich but what people think of Schulich banner everywhere that will matter. Your needs need to be communicated. Your voices need to be echoed.  And the world shall echo with what we want them to perceive – About stories we want to tell, our glories we want to count and things we want to remember.