February 13, 2019

Candidates Running for President

Kikeloye Oyerinde – Running for President

My name is Kike Oyerinde and I am a first year IMBA student. I am running for GBC elections this year and contesting for the role of President. I am an International Commercial Lawyer and I have schooled and worked across 3 continents. I am highly invested in Schulich and how we as students can utilize the Schulich brand to the maximum, in achieving our professional goals. Through this I continue to be optimally INVOLVED in our school – fostering meaningful relationships not only with fellow students, but with Faculty, Admin, Alumni and the York Community. I am involved through the Forte Foundation at Schulich; The Graduate Ambassadors program – through which I interact with prospective students; and currently serve as Chairperson of the Graduate Business Council.

My main agenda is to facilitate significant involvement for all Members of the Graduate School and to build a community that is INCLUSIVE. This is our school, our legacy, and our brand. I BELIEVE in adequate representation where the voices and interests of all are understood, contemplated and communicated. I IMAGINE that there is a place for each of us at Schulich. Although some may need convincing, it is our responsibility to support each other and ensure that the Schulich Brand opens doors for us and for those coming after us. I KNOW that we are the pre-eminent Business School in Canada because of each one of you and the knowledge you bring. Within these halls walk the FUTURE of business and together nothing can stand in our way. Schulich is leading change through student success and I will lead student success through INCLUSION and opportunity. Vote me as your PRESIDENT and together we WILL reshape the world. Remember: “WE are Schulich, and Schulich is US”!!


Nazanine Gholami – Running for President

I’m Naz, and I want to be your GBC president. Since joining Schulich, I have been inspired by my fellow students and knew I wanted to be invested in the Schulich community. Becoming a full-time MBA student and professional, I have seen the impact of my first semester of learning. In the past, I have represented and built a network to support and provide insight to participants with skills and foundations to build a career in health care. Strategic decisions, strong partnerships with stakeholders, and honest communication have made me what I am today.

I want to be your president because as much as I love Schulich, I know we can do better. I see a Schulich where we are more connected, more philanthropic and more accountable.

I want to increase support and alliances between the clubs and the council and create a connected structure to ensure unity across all resources.

I want to reinforce the GBC position as a lover of humanity, becoming more philanthropic by working with organisations where we, as students, can give our time, talent and money to help make life better for other people. Giving back is an integral part of what makes a great leader.

I want us to be more accountable within the school. We have a shared responsibility to both set high standards for ourselves and meet them. I want to create an atmosphere where evaluation and feedback are integrated into every decision. The student voice must be translated into tangible actions.

I am excited about the opportunity to lead a team that will contribute to a culture of diversity and inclusivity. We already have a great legacy. What’s next? If we, as a business council, are recognised as a world-class business council, then let us also become world-class leaders.