February 13, 2019

Candidates Running for Skills Director

Srikanth Raghavan – Running for Skills Director

Having been a Human Capital Consultant for 3 years and having devised people strategy for Fortune 500 Companies across multiple industries, I have realized that in the era of augmented reality where manpower is being replaced by macros and intellect by artificial intelligence, only niche skills govern employment and employability. Keeping that as the premise, it is of paramount importance for one to have certain skill sets that are not mechanical, or in other words one shouldn’t be substitutable to sustain in the market today.

The decision of pursuing a masters in itself is a big leap towards getting closer to achieving ones’ aspirations. But the journey many a times becomes so overwhelming that we tend to forget that the knowledge is not just in the books and the presentations. It is rather in the skills that these books impart. 

A skills director is an enabler, who understands what the students want, what the industry demands and accordingly upskills the dormant talents having the potential of becoming successful entrepreneurs of future. My past experience in people strategy and organization development would lend to a great extent in honing the skills of my fellow mates through interactions and interventions that could help us grow symbiotically by leveraging skills from one another and from the experts in industry. 

Looking forward to being a conduit in your journey to success.”