February 13, 2019

Candidates Running for Vice President

Joe Marra – Running for Vice President

I have experience in multiple sectors including financial services, hospitality, and supply chain management. In my many roles I have had to build brands, create businesses, and work to balance stakeholder interests. Since joining the Schulich MBA Program in September 2018, I have been in various initiatives and have been a member of the GBC Case Portfolio.

My experience managing budgets and building brands, paired with my current knowledge of the council’s operations, has provided me with the skill set and knowledge to strengthen and improve the internal processes and day to day operations of the GBC. If elected to serve as your Vice President, I will work hard to meet the needs of all students by:

  1. Building Relationships
    I will ensure that a strong relationship is built throughout the Schulich community among fellow students, faculty, the GBC and the Schulich Operations Student Services teams.
  2. Generating Efficiencies
    I will review all the internal processes of the GBC to ensure that they are being executed in the most efficient manner. This will ensure the needs of all students are met in an expedient and helpful way.
  3. Creating Opportunities
    I will engage stakeholders and work hard to ensure the GBC creates opportunities for all students.

On Monday, February 25th to Tuesday, February 26th vote for a better Schulich, vote for Joe Marra! Cast your vote here: http://evote.yorku.ca.


Jinling(Gillian) Cai- Running for Vice President

Hi, my name is Jinling(Gillian) Cai, and I am running for GBC Vice President. Each day, Schulich, our visionary School is making a stronger impact in a global scale. We all gathered today at Schulich because we are on a journey to do our best. Year over year more programs are being offered and GBC is here to work with our new classmates giving them the resources to make them succeed. I have been at Schulich since fall 2018, and I was very impressed with the events that GBC held, which helped me to connect with my fellow Schuligans and made me part of the family. Those fabulous experience inspired me to get involvement with GBC working in an awesome team; as the International Affairs Representative, I have been involved in organizing various events like culture crawl, buddy program, welcome parties and more. In addition, I had the valuable experience of helping organizing events out of school, as the lead of volunteers, which allows me to build strong relationship with more experts in different areas. It is my passion to connect with classmates and see how best we can help each other achieve what we are set out to do here.  I believe that my leadership skill, teamwork and strong school spirit will allow me to assist the new president-elect to  maintain and aid GBC’s day to day functions, adding value to the whole school and in pursuit of being a world renowned business school. I bring past experience as vice president of student union serving around 15000 students in my undergraduate school, I have the confidence to build stronger relationships with Schulich administrations and Student Services teams, aiming to provide stronger support for every individual student in Schulich.