February 13, 2019

Candidates Running for Wellness Director

Megan Thomson – Running for Wellness Director

Hi Schuligans! My name is Megan Thomson, and I’m running to be the GBC Wellness Director.

After winning Schulympics with my team in September (shoutout to the Wolfpack), I knew I needed to be part of the GBC. Since then, I’ve gone beyond my role as Cohort B Athletic Rep, to attend and take leadership roles at as many events as possible and join the President’s Committee to take a leadership role in the GBC Constitution rewrite and restructure.

While I was the President of my Undergraduate Student Union, I was elected to the Board of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations to lobby the Federal Government to support student issues, including increasing funding for campus mental health initiatives. I worked for one of Canada’s major political parties in rural and urban areas to train teams on volunteer engagement, data management, and fundraising. Through relationship building, I worked hard to help small teams accomplish big things.

Next year, I would like to see expanded efforts in both athletics and mental wellness campus initiatives by continuing traditional events like the cohort cup and Schulax and implementing new ideas. Most importantly, I’d like to lead the Schulich MBA Games team to victory.

Being on the MBA games team this year, I saw once again the work that goes into making a team successful. More people participated in sports tryouts than ever before, we out-fundraised all other schools by a huge margin, and our spirit performances were polished and professional. Next year we need to match, then exceed this herculean effort in order to come home with a win.

This portfolio has high stakes and big shoes to fill— so let’s get started!

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