August 21, 2018


Industry Clubs

Industry Clubs and Associations

Arts & Media Management Club

AMMC is a networking gateway and social platform that links Schulich MBA students with the arts industry, media industry, and related technology fields.

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Student Chapter

Providing professional development opportunities for students in mining.

Supply Chain & Operations Management Club

The group for graduate students of the Schulich School Of Business who are members of the SCOMC.

Schulich Marketing Association

Schulich Marketing Association (SMA) is a platform that links academia and industry knowledge, and offers an invaluable experience to graduate students who aspire to become future marketing leaders.

Schulich Finance Association

The SFA provides opportunities to learn about careers in finance, to network with established professionals and alumni and to gain tangible interview and financial analysis skills.

Healthcare and Biotechnology Forum

HCBF is dedicated to assisting Schulich MBA/IMBA students in career development within health industries by delivering value-added information on industry trends and career options, broadening networks, and providing resources.

Business Technology Management Association

BTMA is a community of the Schulich School of Business students, alumni and faculty interested in Business Technology. BTMA serves as a focal point for networking, recruitment and learning.

Social Impact Management Association

As Schulich’s graduate student club created especially for students driven to make BIG impacts on improving the lives of individuals and society as a whole, The Social Impact Management Association shares opportunities for making connections within the Non-Profit and Social Enterprise business spaces.

Schulich Real Estate & Infrastructure Club

Founded in 1993, SREIC is one of Schulich’s most established student-run clubs. Open to all Schulich School of Business students interested in learning and pursuing a career in real estate and infrastructure, the SREIC acts as the main liaison between students, the industry, and its professionals.

Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs and Associations

Latin American Business Association

The vision for LABA is to grow interest and empower the Latin America community at Schulich. Not only through increasing awareness regarding the Latin American region, but also by connecting students with the resources and opportunities necessary to network with companies doing business in Latin America and vice versa.

South East Asian Business Association

Established in 2003, SEABA aims to help students from East Asian countries to assimilate into Schulich community and get used to North American culture. It espouses East Asian cultures and business etiquette to interested Schulich students by frequently initiating different scales and formats of events.

Student Interest Clubs

Student Interest Clubs and Associations

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership at the Schulich School of Business aims to empower female students to thrive in leadership roles in the workplace and beyond.

Case Analysis Club

The Case Analysis Club (CAC) provides students with resources, workshops, and networking opportunities to prepare them for the rigor of case interviews in the consulting industry.

Net Impact

Schulich Net Impact offers a range of programs and events to help members expand their career horizon, broaden their business education, refine their leadership skills, and pursue their professional goals, while building their global network.

Schulich Advanced Strategy Club

Schulich Advanced Strategy Club’s objective is to enrich the learning experience of graduate students with insights from industry professionals working in strategy roles.

Schulich Sports Business Association

Provides students with resources, workshops, and networking opportunities in order to launch or grow a career in the dynamic sports business industry

Schulich Ventures Club

For students interested in Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, and working in the Startup Space.