August 10, 2018

Executive Team


James Prince


James Prince is excited for the upcoming year, from moving to the new McEwan Graduate Student & Research Building, to trying to repeat as MBA Games Champions to helping to creating new communications strategies for the GBC. He comes from 6+ years of working for an award-winning social enterprise, ME to WE, as the Associate Director, Retail Event Operations and Sales.

SSB-GBC President


Ali Rushdi

Vice President

After a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering in London, UK, Ali moved back to Dubai (where he was born and grew up) and jumped on an opportunity to run a failing SME and make it profitable. Seeking a challenge, he decided after 5 years to do an MBA. He plans on becoming a strategy consultant in the future. His passion for academia and helping people led him to the role of VP of the GBC.

SSB-GBC Vice President


Joseph Flagler

Athletics Director

A rugby player who lived in Japan for 3 years prior to his MBA – Joe understands just how stressful stepping into a new adventure can be! He knows that staying active and having fun with friends is very important to both your physical and mental health. He can help you get involved in intramurals, sporting events/tournaments, and the MBA Games!

SSB-GBC Athletics


Karen Punn

Case Competitions Director

Karen is an MBA Candidate specializing in Financial Services. She participated in over 10 case competitions last year. Her most notable accomplishments include participating as a finalist in the Harvard International Case Competition and winning the 2018 MBA Games. As a member of the Schulich’s External Case Team, Karen has dedicated over 100 hours developing her presentation skills, which have allowed her to pitch innovative and complex ideas in front of executive judges across Canada.

SSB-Graduate Business Council - Athletics


Gaurav Madani

Communications Director

Having spent most of his career in sales, apart from a brief stint as a copywriter and a briefer one as a trade analyst, effective communication has helped Gaurav forge relationships as well as pay his bills. It is this skill that he intends to offer in service to the students at Schulich and he is extremely excited about the opportunity to learn and grow through this role. He usually reserves his smile for when he is off camera.

SSB-GBC Communications


Michael Feehan

Community & Alumni Relations Director

As Community and Alumni Director, Michael Feehan is here to help you make lasting connections with alumni and find impactful ways to engage with community stakeholders. From organizing your career conference to managing clubs to driving charitable efforts and opportunities with alumni, he is here to connect you to the world beyond Schulich. He is specializing in Arts, Media, and Entertainment and is from Edmonton, Alberta.

SSB-GBC Community


Henry Le

Corporate Relations Director

Henry Le is your Corporate Relations Director for 2018-2019. Prior to pursuing his MBA at Schulich, Henry spent more than 8 years in the finance industry, holding various positions within the financial services, capital markets and accounting sector. His goal is to maximize funding through corporate sponsorships for student events and initiatives in order to enhance your MBA experience.

SSB-GBC Corporate


Daniella Di Adamo

Information Technology Director

Daniella is a part-time MBA student specializing in strategy and marketing. She is excited for another year on the GBC team and is ready to put her web and graphic design skills to use this year as she updates the GBC website and supports the rest of the team.



Karishma Varma

International Affairs Director

Karishma harbours a deep interest in helping people and is delighted to be the International Affairs Director. Coming from a multi-cultural background, she appreciates all cultures and through her initiatives, wants to make the Schulich experience along with life in Toronto a memorable one for all international students. For any questions, reach out to her and she’ll be happy to help you!

SSB-GBC International


Morgan McNaughton

Part-Time Affairs Director

Morgan is excited to be the voice of the part-time cohort and develop stronger relationships between both the full- and part-time students. The initiatives he has planned are to coordinate more focused efforts for events across the GTA – not just Nadal and Keele – to maximize the reach of the GBC. In doing so, he hopes to increase awareness of the events and services that are available to students, and in turn maximize your value throughout the Schulich experience.

SSB-GBC Parttime


Elizabeth Owens Skidmore

Social Affairs Director

Elizabeth is an MBA candidate specializing in Arts, Media & Entertainment Management. Before moving to Toronto in 2014, Elizabeth lived in exciting places like New York City and Edmonton, Alberta. She comes from the world of sports and entertainment which has allowed her to experience the pulse of Toronto. Elizabeth looks forward to helping all Masters-level students feel at home & truly enjoy their experience in Toronto and at Schulich.

SSB-GBC Social


Caio Milhorati


Caio Milhorati is a Brazilian Mechatronic Engineer who formerly worked as an analyst in the local treasury department at Credit Suisse Brazil and as a credit risk analyst intern at Santander Brazil. He is pursuing his MBA degree, focusing on financial engineering. His passion for helping people, by sharing knowledge and finance as a powerful tool for growth, made NGO an organic choice to accommodate his enthusiasm. Caio served as treasurer in his DeMolay chapter for four years and three more years in his lodge.

SSB-GBC Treasurer

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