February 12, 2018




Candidate #1: KARISHMA VARMA

KarishmaI have had the pleasure of being a part of the GBC team as the elected communication representative. Having been here since Fall 2017, I’ve witnessed the issues that international students face, both in terms of daily things as well as the important professional ones. Nomi Jain’s Buddy program initiatives made many of our transitions smoother and are definitely something that I would want to build on and continue. She was always at the top of every requirement that international students could have and taking that forward, here are a few of the key things that I would want to focus on as the Director of International Affairs.

1.   Riding that Cultural Shock Wave

Pursuing an international masters is overwhelming and cultural shock can really rattle your already frenzied mind. I intend on helping you move from denial to loving it by helping you with the transitionary logistics, language acclimatization and shining as yourself in a Canadian context.
2.   Celebrating our Heritages

Our diverse backgrounds are celebrated in the cultural crawl and to truly experience them, I propose having periodical heritage celebration. Each culture or ethnicity is given its own duration for us to truly soak it in and revel in it.


3.   More Together

We all come from different backgrounds and are pursuing different programs at Schulich. Right from the Indian cohort of MBA who are an integral part of incoming batch of 2017 to MBAN, Masters in Management and starting this year, Masters of Marketing – We all are unique within ourselves and we achieve more together. I intend on creating a platform for seamless integration of students of all the courses, so you may find your comfort zone.

Let’s make Schulich home. Vote for me as the Director of International Affairs.



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James Prince

Hi my name is James Prince. I am running for GBC President. Experienced. Innovative. Dedicated. We are at the start of a new journey as Schulich Graduate students: the school is the largest it has ever been and getting larger, there are more programs than ever before and we are launching a brand new building next term. I have a vision of the GBC that works with students, for students, consulting with them to determine their needs and gear the council to meet them. As we enter this new era of the GBC, I believe that the council and student body should undertake a strategic planning process. One that clearly mandates our goals, needs and outcomes that the GBC is aiming towards over the next 5 years; setting a course for the future. As part of the strategic plan we would decide on a charity of choice to support, with goals and intention to find synergies between our students and the greater York/Canadian community. A legacy for the GBC for years to come; for the students, by the students. I believe that Schulich is the best business school in Canada, and together we will make it even better, through a strong relationship with the administration, transparency and engagement. From Schulympics, to Insights, to being the Speaker of the GBC, to MBA Games, to Case Competitions and Club Events, I have been connected to the Schulich community. I have experience with running working with Student Government during my undergrad, as the VP Events managing a team. I believe in Schulich and I believe in its students. Your GBC, Your President, James Prince.





My name is Ali Asghar Rushdi and I’m declaring my candidacy for the position of Vice-President of the Graduate Business Council at the Schulich School of Business. This role requires not only strong leadership but also compassion and empathy to be able to serve the student population en masse. Orchestrating the turnaround of an unprofitable business and successfully running it for 5 years has helped me polish my leadership, communication and organizational skills, which are essential for any strong leader and will be my greatest strengths when I take on this esteemed position.

As Vice-President my goal will be to listen, understand and act upon the plight of the student body so that I can provide tangible resolutions to their problems. A crucial concern for many students is the immense workload intrinsic to every course that restricts them from the necessary professional development that can assist them in finding fruitful employment. This coupled with the lack of communication between the faculty and student body on what is expected of them can lead to uncertainty and anxiety. I will aim to collaborate with the faculty to ensure that expectations for courses are laid out more clearly and course loads in terms of deliverables are manageable so that students can gain maximum value from their education and achieve their post-MBA dream.


Vote for me for GBC Vice-President because If you’re ever facing trouble you can always come speak to me. I’m all ears!



AbhimanyuAbhimanyu – A self-declared legendary man AND your next Vice President.
Why did he decide to run for a post instead of just complaining about what’s wrong?
He realized, instead of cribbing about an issue maybe it’s better to introduce the change you want to see.

Being a Buddhist Monk (not a Joke he actually is a Monk) with 4 Years of Customer Service experience has helped him reach new heights of Patience which is always a plus in any job involving talking to other people.

Abhimanyu enjoys swimming in his spare time but prefers to sit in the comfort of his room watching memes on 9gag when its cold outside.

  1. He promises to say Please on your behalf for a better grade should you need it. (Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t result in any actual increase)
  2. Simplify Feedback forms, Motivating Students to provide meaningful feedback.
  3. Instead of just sitting on multiple committees as required by the constitution he promises to actually participate in the proceedings. Unless it gets boring in which case he promises to stay quiet.
  4. While Schulich is an amazing school there is always scope for improvement hence I intend to bring a formal alumni feedback loop to make the courses more relative to the industry requirements. Additionally, live group projects within a course will provide fresh perspectives on our work from the corporate world.
  5. The library has many resources however they need to be easier to operate allowing students to utilize them efficiently.
  6. If he wins, you can have a free 5-minute yelling session which he will face with a disinterested face should you feel the need to vent.

Vote for Abhimanyu! Who could do a better job? Probably Justin Trudeau but he is a little busy running the country.   




Joseph Flagler

Walking into Schulich on Day 1 I knew two things – that I needed to add “leverage my core competencies” to my vernacular and that I wanted to be part of the incoming Student Council.

I’ve been involved in athletics my entire life. I was a student-athlete at Western University, playing Men’s Varsity Rugby. Following that I played competitively in Tokyo, Japan. I love football, snowboarding, climbing, and biking. Through sports I have made countless friendships and contacts I will have with me for life. Aside from the comradery, sports have always played an important role in my health – both physically and mentally.

This is one of the main reasons why I’m so passionate about representing Schulich as the Athletics Director. Within the rigours of the graduate program, so often we get so wrapped up in our professional and academic development. So much so that we neglect to take care of ourselves – both mind and body. I’d like to provide students with the opportunity to come together to be both active and healthy! With the international representation within the school, I’d also love to open up opportunities for all to share athletic activities that might not be common in Canada!

The other reason I’m running is that I was part of the winning MBA Games team this year and I recognize the importance of being organized for and performing well at the games. The publicity the school garnered was incredible, ultimately boosting our reputation and image. I promise to do my best to aid in building the reputation of the school – protecting the investments we have all made into our future!

I encourage you all to vote for each of the council positions! And when it comes to Athletics:

Vote for me, Joe Flagler, because I’m definitely not your average Joe.

Candidate #2: HARIS MAQSOOD


I am a born athlete. My mother was an international Field Hockey player and my father was a first-class cricket player. Sports is in my blood; the love is natural. Be it any sport, I like to be on the field and make it all happen for my friends and colleagues. I was awarded the trophy of the athlete of the year in my high school due to my outstanding performances in Soccer, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Athletics (400m and 100m races). All my life, I have been the person people look up to for sports activities. I organise sports by gathering friends, enjoying the thrill and then having post activity bonding.

My goal is to organise more competitions and more activities for various sports, so that the bar set by GBC 2017-18 can be raised beyond the work that they have performed. This way I intend to raise the standards for Schulich athletics and take it to the next step. My slogan will be:

“UpLIFT Schulich: Honouring the past, Inspiring the future, Living the Present.”

My whole life experience has told me that good sports is the right of every individual. It raises academic standards and builds a sense of identity and togetherness in our personalities. It has great impact on our daily lives too in terms of education, entertainment, health, community life, personal and professional development. Schulich graduates aim to be leaders of tomorrow. My dream is to make each and every one enjoy the field experience, so that they can deliver the same team spirit that they enjoy at the field in their organisation. This will only come along with active engagement and readiness to take this to the next step. Vote for me as the Athletics Director and let us make this vision come true.


Candidate #3: MICHAEL KATZ

Michael Katz - PhotoSchulich MBA Games REPEAT Champs!!! How does that sound? A tough goal to accomplish no doubt, but it will be my number one priority if you elect me as the GBC’s new Athletic Director. In my short 6 weeks here, it did not take long to recognize how much this years’ championship has meant to the school and I want to be a part of having another celebration like that on our home floor in the upcoming year!

My name is Michael Katz, I am a first year MBA student specializing in Arts, Media & Entertainment. I have spent the last 6 years working at Sportsnet in TV Broadcasting and have been playing sports nearly all of my life. While hockey is by far my number one passion, I have coached and played several sports including Tennis, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Curling and the list goes on…

My goal is to spread my passion for athletics to as many of you as possible. We are all busy with school, but it shouldn’t prevent anyone from exercising for a few hours a week. Lucky for you, athletics are one of the best outlets for relieving stress! The goal of my events will be to introduce some of you to new sports, to get your heads out of the books for a little while, to increase your cohesiveness with your fellow students and most importantly to have FUN!!! That’s what sports are all about.

Despite weighing in at mere 5 foot 5 and 140 pounds, I have built a reputation for being the most tenacious and hardest working athlete on all of my teams. If you choose me as your next Athletics Director at Schulich, I pledge to give you that same commitment and effort every day during my tenure!

Even Dogz Vote for Katz!



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Candidate #1: KAREN PUNN (ELECTED)

Karen I have had the opportunity to participate in more than 10 case competitions during the past six months that I have been at Schulich and I can honestly say that it has been the most richly fulfilling experience.  The most notable highlight so far has been winning the MBA Games 2018 as an official member of Schulich’s Case Team.

If appointed as the Director of Case Competitions, I wish to use my deep knowledge, involvement and passion for case competitions to promote Schulich students to get involved in this experience, as they are not only an incredible learning opportunity, but also an great way to work in high-intensity environments with fellow students. Furthermore, I will ensure that the GBC hosts the infamous Dean’s Cup in 2019 and make this competition even bigger and better!




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Candidate #2: AAYUSH JHA

Aayush Jha Image

Hi !

This is Aayush Jha, an MBA Candidate from Schulich India cohort, contesting for the position of Director of Case Competitions.

Assuming leadership initiatives and driving projects through uncertainty has always been at the core of what I do. This theme is evident right from when I managed the Robotics Club during undergraduate studies, organized university’s tech fest and established two business units in the span of three years, as the youngest Project Manager in my previous company.

Further, managing case competitions also comes naturally to me as I perform similar responsibilities for the India cohort. As VP Case Analysis, I have organized Case Competitions for the India cohort and in fact worked closely with the present Director of Case Competitions to organize the first Dean’s Cup in India campus. With project management, leadership experience and a passion of Case Analysis, I believe I am well equipped to handle the responsibilities of this role.

If elected, apart from my regular responsibilities, I would actively reach out to the industry to forge relationships which will ensure higher industry participation during case competitions. While training teams for external case competitions, we would invite industry mentors apart from our faculty to make sure our teams are better trained. This is something I personally relate to with my situation in term 1 when I struggled to do cases within stipulated time limit under lack of a structured guidance. I would also like to increase the level of interaction between GBC and Case Analysis Club to synergize efforts and make Schulich’s case competitions one of the best in Canada.

Continuing my proclivity for leadership roles, I plan to wholesomely immerse myself in the responsibilities of Director of Case Competitions to the best of my abilities.



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 Gaurav madani‘As I pen these words that ought to convince people who know nothing about me that I would be the right individual for the role of ‘Director of Communications’ in the next GBC council, I realize the impact a few carefully chosen words can make.

Having spent most of my career in sales apart from a briefstint as a copywriter, effective communication has helped me forgerelationships as well as pay my bills. And it is this skill that  I intend to offer in service to the studentsat Schulich, not discounting the fact that I am extremely excited about theopportunities to learn and grow that come along with ownership of this nature.

As much as I would love to continue talking about howawesome I am, I have chosen to leave you with a piece I wrote at the demise of a man who spoke like none other, Robin Williams.

Into the business end of this night

I lay awake with open eyes

Compelled to write

For I love to put words to work

I know no grave pain

But I am inspired with a vengeance

Uncertain where I’m headed

Journey’s do just fine without destinations

A herd of little drops tirelessly march towards the sea

Without taking a moment to ponder

Whatever happens to the ones that splash onto the grassybanks defying current

The ones that stand out and shimmer like pearls under thesun

You will stop flowing before you know it

And lose yourself to the sea

The words, I write for me

To tell you, Carpe Diem

For now

Vote for Gaurav


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michael feehan

Michael Feehan: Who is Michael Feehan?

One of the greatest questions of our time! A dynamo. A maverick. A Titan of Industry AND your next Director of Community and Alumni Relations. Why did he decide to get involved in graduate politics? When he heard that Dean Horvath was stepping down and Schulich was looking for a replacement Dean he knew it had to be him. He has great plans as Dean including lowering the dean’s list to B-, making sure cookies are refilled during night classes downtown, free parking for all, implementing pajama Thursdays, and erecting a statue of himself. Oddly enough he has not heard back from the succession committee yet. He needs to lead now if not yesterday and has decided that getting experience on the GBC might get the attention of the Dean selection committee.

Michael Feehan: Dean Later, Director First

That is why he is running for the position of Director of Community and Alumni Relations. He has experience in nonprofit management which means he’s great at dealing with those community types. What will he do as Director? First, he will explore the option of forming a permeant nonprofit initiative associated with the GBC to manage all campaigns going forward. After this he will identify two to four additional opportunities for charity or community contributions throughout the year. Finally, he will launch a new page on the GBC website to outline our past and future outreach efforts to encourage more student involvement. Regarding alumni engagement, he will gauge demand for a different type of alumni event where in the graduate body can host panel debates with professionals regarding issues such as UBI and automation. As a member of the executive team you can count on him to stir healthy debate and encourage more motions or votes.



Amrita_ImageAbout Amrita Randhawa

Pre-MBA Experience

Prior to Schulich, I worked in strategy and operations, consulting Fortune 500 companies. I started off my career with a technology consulting firm and later transitioned to power and utilities. In my last position, I was responsible for managing product performance along with improving operational processes. During that time, I also volunteered to spearhead the Women in Leadership initiatives and as a community outreach leader helped raise funds for social causes.

Post-MBA Ambitions

The intersection of strategy and operational excellence is my area of focus at Schulich. I plan to work for a fast-paced, consumer-oriented company in the retail or consumer products industries.


Interests/ Hobbies

Running, fusion food lover, impromptu road-trip planner and old school book lover.


Hi! My name is Amrita Randhawa and I am running to be the Executive Director of Community and Alumni Relations!

I strongly believe in the power of collective prosperity of the community—you and I are not just peers at the school; we are each other’s ladder to success. Throughout my professional career I have been actively involved in helping people. Whether as a lead corporate social ambassador at Gartner Inc. or as the Treasurer, Women in Energy Leadership chapter I have led initiatives to raise funds, support education for the under-privileged, and educate women in red light areas to nurture their entrepreneurial dreams.

As an executive member of the Schulich’s Alumni and Community portfolio, I significantly contributed to the success of Schulich Insights Chapter XI by managing logistics, engaging with the Schulich community via digital communication to improve student participation and ensuring the alumni guests enjoyed the event. These experiences have taught me how to work, collaborate and communicate effectively with a team of people and how to build and maintain business relationships necessary to achieve success. I believe I have the right mix of passion, maturity and skills to make me the perfect candidate for the role of Executive Director, Community and Alumni Relations at Schulich School of Business.

As your elected representative, I intend to:

  • Support the India Cohort in strengthening their alumni relations.
  • Work in conjunction with the Alumni Office on projects that will have a positive impact on students such as improving networking skills to convert coffee chats into long-lasting relationship.
  • Introduce initiatives outside of fund-raising that involve students contributing their valuable time to helping causes of their choice.
  • Ensuring that students are heard in the decision-making process and that there is a full understanding of the issues facing students through communication of student priorities.

Voting period is Feb 26th and 27th 2018. So please vote @ http://evote.yorku.ca!

Slogan: “With Community Comes Unity”



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Candidate #3: MOHIT VASU

Mohit Schulich cutout I am an MBA in India, Class of 2019 student who is passionate about progression of pillars of communities, that is, students for the greater good of the society. In the past I have worked with primary to high school students of lesser privileged backgrounds in developing their English-speaking skills to make them more employable in a growing and dynamic Indian economy. In my career as a banker, I have also had the experience of setting up two branches as a bank branch manager, and that has honed my skills in organizing projects and events.

Who would understand the meaning of community and inclusiveness more than me? My agenda is to bring Hyderabad and Toronto campus closer by embracing technology more than we ever have in the past by working closely with Directors of International Affairs and Information Technology. I will strive for a more seamless experience between both campuses through knowledge sharing and spirit of togetherness.

Strengthening and developing alumni relations in Canada and across the globe by reaching beyond 85 chapters in 60+ countries to provide a wider network to the cohort for internship, entrepreneurial, employment and philanthropic opportunities – is an objective I shall ardently pursue.

To extract the best out of Alumni Mentorship Program, students will be given a chance to have mock sessions at peer level apart from the mandatory orientation session to set the tone for upcoming meetings with mentors.

It’s not all work and no play. As I am married, I understand the importance of SOSA for all the folks who begin their professional journey in a new country or even a city. I shall ensure multiple SOSA events that can help build stronger Schulich communities beyond the professional realm.

Slogan: All for one and One for all; Together we stand, Divided we fall.



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Candidate #1: HENRY LE (ELECTED)

Henry Le_sHenry Le is an Elected Corporate Relations Representative for the MBA Class of 2019 and holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney. Prior to joining Schulich, Henry spent more than 8 years in the finance industry, holding various positions within the financial services, capital markets and accounting sector. He most recently served as a Financial Analyst for BMO Wealth Management Finance.

If elected as Director of Corporate Relations, Henry will leverage his vast network within the financial sector in order to maximize funding for student activities and initiatives. His goal as Corporate Relations Director will be to double last year’s sponsorship budget as well as increasing the number of sponsors by leveraging his experience in the Finance industry, passion for helping others and dedication for success.

Henry enjoys playing cricket, golf and tennis in his spare time when it doesn’t snow as well as snowboarding when it does.




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Candidate #2: NITIN KUMAR

Nitin Kumar“I am a finance guy who loves anime and a photographer trained in martial arts”.

In my professional experience of 5 years, I have worked in multiple domains of finance such as corporate finance, statutory audit, internal audit, financial reporting and commercial pricing in different industries such as manufacturing, technology and consultancy.

In my real-life experience, I have held various positions in the not-for-profit sector organizations such as Make A Wish, India (NGO working to fulfill wishes of children suffering from life threating diseases); Make A Difference, India (NGO working to ensure better outcomes for children living in orphanages) and WWF-Microsoft Create to Inspire fellowship (fellowship to create environmental awareness), solving basic social problems.

Such combination of experience has given me a logical approach to problem solving and an analytical bend of mind.


The position of corporate relations director is majorly concerned with the fundraising and corporate sponsorships. Greater the amount of funds raised, and sponsorships secured, greater the degree of freedom in organizing our Schulich events and taking them to the next level. I have raised funds of more than 1 million rupees as a fundraiser with the Indian national level NGO –“Make A Difference” by simultaneously building long term relations with the sponsors. Sponsors ranged from big corporates such as Radisson Blu Hotel chains and Mckinsey & Company to local restaurants and food chains.

Let’s strike more corporate relations by selling our Schulich stories and create magic.”




morgan Hi, I’m Morgan – I’m running for the Graduate Business Council’s Director of Part-Time Affairs position.

I strongly believe that the Schulich experience provides an excellent environment for meeting like-minded, yet diverse individuals. One of my objectives when I started the MBA was to be a part-time student but be so involved with events and the student body that I felt like a full-time student. During this experience, I was exposed to many diverse groups of students, events like Schulympics and MBA games, and learned a lot about what Schulich can offer beyond the classroom.

The reason why I want to represent the part-time cohort as a member of the GBC’s executive team is to support an enhanced experience to the Schulich community by providing more opportunities to connect part-time students with full-time students. As someone who is doing the MBA part-time while pursuing a demanding full-time career, I understand how work can take precedence over extracurricular events at school. I pledge this year to make an effort in engaging school resources such as the Career Development Centre and student clubs to provide more accessible sessions and events for those who are unable to make events during the daytime. I plan to also act as a liaison between the full-time and part-time students by extending opportunities for networking together, which will further enhance the student experience through the sharing of knowledge and skills.

I look forward to the opportunity to bridge the gap between cohorts and achieve more together.




Elizabeth OS Headshot Hey, Schuligans! Wouldn’t you agree that it’s time we #ComeTogether? With two campuses, outside commitments, and an enormous workload, it is so easy for us to feel divided, and maybe even isolated. We need an inclusive, connected, and strong student body to make Schulich feel like home. That is what I, Elizabeth Owens Skidmore, promise to do for our Schulich community as the GBC Director of Social Affairs!

Bringing people together is one of my favourite things to do. In fact, it was even part of my job before I arrived at Schulich! I worked in game entertainment for the Toronto Blue Jays and got to be a part of the pulse of the city of Toronto, including two thrilling postseason runs which brought the city and country together. As Vice President of my sorority in undergrad at NYU, I created closer bonds among the chapter by organizing social events around New York City. Because of this, I became well-acquainted with planning large-scale, successful events in a big city, and it gave us a break from school and a chance to bond with each other. We need those breaks even more now as grad students at Schulich!

Living downtown and being a part of the social scene through my work in the sports and restaurant industries has allowed me to become extremely familiar with Toronto. Need a new restaurant to try? I’ve got a suggestion. Looking for a fun place to take the family on the weekend? I’ve got an idea for that, too. Supporting a culture of socializing at Schulich doesn’t just end with formal events; I want to be a resource for making your experience at Schulich, and in Toronto, awesome!

So, on February 26 & 27, let’s #ComeTogether and bring on a year of even more fun!