January 19, 2018

GBC Elections 2018-19


It’s time to elect the next Graduate Business Council (GBC) Executive Council.

In February, all enrolled Master’s-level students, full-time and part-time, will be able to elect the GBC Executive Council for 2018-19.

GBC Positions

Elections will be held for 10 executive positions:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Director of Communications
  4. Director of International Affairs
  5. Director of Corporate Affairs
  6. Director of Social Affairs
  7. Director of Case Competitions
  8. Director of Part-time Affairs
  9. Director of Community and Alumni Relations
  10. Director of Athletics

GBC Election Candidates 2018-19


<Click on the picture above to view the Election Candidates>

Information Sessions

An Election Committee comprising the current GBC President, GBC Vice President and GBC Communications Director is overseeing this process.

Students who are interested in running for any of the 10 GBC executive positions are required to attend an info-session on the following dates:

  1. 22 January 2018 (Keele Campus: GBC Office/Room W140B, Time: 5:45 P.M – 6:45 P.M)
  2. 31 January 2018 (Keele Campus: Room S129, Time: 5:45 P.M – 6:45 P.M)
  3. 1 February 2018 (Two sessions at both at the Keele Campus [Room S129], & at Nadal Campus [By the lounge area/couches], Time: 5:45 P.M – 6:45 P.M)
  4. India Cohort: Skype Session on 6 February 2018, 10 A.M EST (8:30 P.M IST)

Attending an info session is the first step of the process for any candidates interested in standing for one of the portfolio positions. All information pertaining to the election process and the code of conduct will be shared at these info-sessions.

Portfolio Q&A Sessions

In addition to the info-session, interested candidates can also attend an optional interactive Q & A session with the current portfolio directors to understand the roles, responsibilities, and demands of each position. The timing for these sessions is as follows:

Important Dates

The election process will take place throughout February. The timeline will be as follows:

Nomination Period: 5-9 February 2018
Campaigning Period: 12-23 February 2018
Campaign Pitches/Debates Session 1: 13 February 2018 (in N106 at the GBC General Council Meeting)
Campaign Pitches/Debates Session 2: 15 February 2018 (room to be determined)
Voting Period: 26-27 February 2018
Announcement of Winners: 6 March 2018 (in N106 at the GBC General Council Meeting)

Besides being an excellent leadership opportunity, a GBC Executive position is a challenging and fulfilling job that touches the lives of the entire graduate student body. The GBC strongly encourages all interested candidates to participate in the process.