September 15, 2019

Portfolio’s for GBC General Council Elections 2019-2020

Being on the general council is a fantastic way to meet students from outside your course/section. You will be able to work across 8 different portfolios as reps, contributing to planning events and bringing about a change.

Week 1 will be elections for MACCs – which is done

Week 2 will be elections for MFINs, MBANS, MMGTs, MMAI, MREI, MSCM and MMKGs.

Week 3 will be elections MBAs/IMBAs for Cohort A, B, C, R and U

Here is the procedure:

1) GBC executives will show up at one of your classes during week 1, 2 or week 3 (depending on your course/cohort).

2) We will give a short intro about the GBC and then you will have the opportunity to nominate yourself for 1 portfolio.

There are 8 portfolios that you could choose to run for:


As part of the Academic Portfolio, you will be responsible for giving feedback on your courses, professors and the curriculum of your program. You will have the opportunity to engage in student issues and be heard, in an effort to improve the overall academic experience of all graduate students at Schulich.


As part of the Business Development Portfolio, you will be Schulich’s contact from some of Canada’s biggest brands to partner with the GBC. Keen on working with corporate sponsors while giving back to the graduate student community? You’ve come to the right place!


As part of the Case portfolio will give you an internal perspective into facilitating and managing a case competition through the Dean’s Cup, Schulich’s internal case competition for its graduate students.


As part of the Customer Insights portfolio, you will be the eyes and ears of GBC, and constantly gauge the sentiments of the student body. Together we will provide metrics and data points that will support all GBC portfolios, thus improving the student experience at Schulich.


As part of the Marketing Portfolio, you will be responsible for the wholesome branding and communication of the Graduate Business Council. Join it if you want to be responsible for internal and external communication and help package the Schulich Pride!


As part of the Skills Portfolio, you will focus on developing initiatives that bridge the gap between classroom teaching and practical experience. It is a platform that caters to all the skill development needs of the Graduate students.


As part of the Skills Portfolio, you will be responsible for planning, executing and hosting all GBC social events and functions. The portfolio calendar consists of four major events (Fall Getaway, Culture Crawl, Winter Getaway & Spring Gala), as well as monthly smaller-scale events.


The Wellness portfolio is for everyone interested in the mental, physical, and community wellness of Schulich students. This includes planning athletic events, co-ordinating intramural sports, and designing wellness workshops.

After nomination, each candidate will get a chance to give a 30 second pitch. If only 1 candidate stands for a portfolio they will automatically get the position. After the pitches we will carry out “on the spot blind elections” and declare the winners. The first general council meeting will be held on the 1st of October, Tuesday from 5.30 to 7pm.