November 19, 2018

Health Care and Biotechnology Forum

Introduction to HCBF

The Healthcare and Biotechnology Forum, hereinafter called the “HCBF”, is the student club of Schulich School of Business students, who are interested in learning more about, or pursuing a career in the health industry. The purpose of the HCBF is to provide information and resources about the industry and to help students network with other students with similar career interests and with alumni and other professionals working in the health industry.

Our Mission

To assist Schulich Master’s students who want to pursue careers in healthcare and other related industries by providing valuable resources, networking opportunities and delivering value-added information on industry trends and career options.


HCBF Constitution

Click here to read the HCBF constitution.

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$30 for 2-year membership
$20 for 1-year membership



Nicolas da Silva
Nicolas da Silva/MBA/SSB/York/CA@SSB
Vice President
Shalini Jayashankar
Shalini Jayashankar/MBA/SSB/York/CA@SSB
Director of Finance
Ricardo Herrera
Ricardo Herrera/MBA/SSB/York/CA@SSB
Director Of Marketing
Juno Noh
Juno Noh/MBA/SSB/York/CA@SSB
Director of Corporate Affairs
Gourismita Acharya
Gourismita Acharya/MBA/SSB/York/CA@SSB
Director of Business Development
Abhimanyu Bhandankar
Abhimanyu Bhandankar/MBA/SSB/York/CA@SSB


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