November 19, 2018



The vision for LABA is to grow interest and empower the Latin America community at Schulich. Not only through increasing awareness regarding the Latin American region, but also by connecting students with the resources and opportunities necessary to network with companies doing business in Latin America and vice versa.


To achieve our vision, LABA’s mission is to provide a setting where students can organize and execute a series of initiatives that will educate Schulich students about the region, provide a platform for engagement, and facilitate connections with industry professionals.

Some examples of the activities that will serve for such purpose are:

  • Networking and Advertising career development opportunities such as jobs, internships, exchange, volunteering.
  • Educate Schulich students about Latin American market/ environment. Focusing on learning about strategies and trends in that region and also between Canada and Latam.
  • Increase our community by connecting with Latin American potential students, encouraging them to join Schulich, and helping them adapt to Canada and Schulich’s culture.
  • Creating business opportunities and helping Latin American students to leverage their positions in the Canadian Market.
  • Building relationship among the members, through social events and recreational programs.
  • Exchange cultural knowledge and keep members updated about Canada- LA relations through International affairs panels and discussions.

Click here to view the LABA constitution.

2018-2019 Executives

Name PositionEmail
Joao Paulo MoraisVice
Diogo SakataDirector of Corporate
Arthur BarretoDirector of
Luis Sebastian PaucarDirector of
Maximiliano SampedroDirector of
Alexandre BarcelliniDirector of