July 11, 2017


Welcome to Schulich! On this page you will find information about Chats with GBC Execs, GBC Tours and the Buddy Program. Scroll down for more info!


GBC Buddy Program helps incoming international students connect with a current student who will use his or her experience and knowledge to help you transition to your life in Toronto and the Schulich School of Business.

Buddies are your friendly graduate colleagues currently studying who provide a helping hand and assist you in navigating a new environment.

Your buddy is your go-to person for discussion various aspects of your transition and situation.

Click here to register for the Buddy Program as an incoming student.

If you are a current student and would like to be a buddy to new students, click here.


The GBC exec team is super excited to have you here at Schulich and is here to chat with you in a 30 minute session to take you through life at Schulich, how to get the most out of this experience and how you could help the GBC in achieving their goals!

We’re hosting chats of a maximum of 6 students per session and the availability is given below. Your response may get recorded, however do note that it’s a first come, first served basis and you may be put into another session. Please click here to register.


Curious about the campus and the various attractions in the city? We bring to you GBC Tours! We will be conducting various tours around the campus, grocery stores near campus and many places downtown that we’re sure you’ll love to explore. There’s something for everyone. Please contact Karishma Varma, International Affairs Director, to sign up.