November 19, 2018

Schulich East Asian Business Association

Introduction & Mission

Established in 2003, SEABA aims to help students from East Asian countries to assimilate into Schulich community and get used to North American culture. Besides, it espouses East Asian cultures and business etiquette to interested Schulich students by frequently initiating different scales and formats of events in light of its solid resources and strong connections with various external partners in Canada. What is more, SEABA emphasized on diversity and family-like environment in our club.

Contact Information
Twitter: @Schulich_Seaba
Wechat Official Account: seaba_schulich


Executives 2017-18

Xulong Tang – President

Sha Li – VP of Alumni Relationship

Jingchao Xu – VP of Finance & Treasurer

Wei Liu – VP of Marketing

Mingyuan Yu – VP of Career Development

Wenqi Hu – VP of Internal Affairs

Dongsheng Wang – Director

Wan Liu – Director

Cheng Seong Wong – Director



SEABA Executive Profiles 2017-18

SEABA Planned Events 2017-18