November 13, 2018

Women in Leadership

About Us: Women In Leadership (WIL) is a student organization serving undergraduate and graduate students at the Schulich School of Business. WIL serves the Schulich community by providing a series of professional, educational, and networking events to enhance the understanding and appreciation of women’s role in business, while assisting members in reaching success in their chosen field. We do this by creating a network of business students, alumni, and businesswomen to inspire and support one another. 

WIL also serves the community through its Mentorship Program by partnering with a local high school to provide a forum for inspiring and motivating young girls to pursue academic excellence, their dreams and leadership opportunities.

Our Mission: To empower female students to thrive in leadership roles in the workplace and beyond. *This year’s theme: Building The Future*

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NamePositionPoint of ContactEmailClub Email
Meghan ArchibaldCo-President (Grad)Meghan
Sara TatangeloCo-President (Undergrad)Sara
Vanessa KibseyVP of MarketingVanessa
Deandra Gonsalves Director of Digital
Noelle ChinSocial Media
Winnie Yan VP of Internal RelationsWinnie
Prisha Patel Director of Internal
Emily Pedari Director of Internal
Maria KarajovicVP of MentorshipMaria
Andra Khedher Director of
Shanzay Bhinder Director of
Nehal Mubarak VP of PartnershipsNehal
Sarah Abdu Director of
Daniela Cazes Director of
Jassica Chouhan VP of EventsJassica
Prarthi Mehta Director of
Amanda Hyunh Director of
Brendan ThompsonVP of Male Engagement (Grad)Brendan
Jonathan ZhouVP of Male Engagement (Undergrad) Jonathan
Tenushree Handa VP of Finance Tenushree


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